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May 25th, 2024

👎 Spotify’s Rotten Move

🧑‍💻 tech
my Spotify Car Thing installed on my Apple Studio Display
my Spotify Car Thing installed on my Apple Studio Display

In December 2023, I pounced on the opportunity to acquire my on Spotify CarThing. -
Although, it’s designed for the car, I have been using it in my study ever since. It’s pretty nice to have physical controls at your finger tips to change track, play your favourite playlists, adjust volume etc.

Spotify discontinued the product in 2022 but the product itself was still working. At the time, Spotify merely stopped production and as such the only way to acquire it was from places like eBay.

Yesterday, I received the following email from Spotify:

The Verge is reporting:

The dashboard accessory, which went out of production in 2022, will become e-waste at the end of this year. Spotify isn’t crediting or refunding customers.

This is an example of a rotten move from a billion dollar corporation that is asking its users to trash its own product. There should be laws that prevent companies from doing this. Spotify,did not have the decency to explain why this action needs to be taken. 

Being a Spotify subscriber for more than 8 years, today, I am not feeling all that great about keeping up with my Spotify subscription.